Quality control has a major role in achieving high quality product. Apollo is equipped with modern laboratory and staffed by highly qualified and experienced personnel. Apollo ensures that the product conforms specified requirements and maintains the quality system of inspection and testing of the materials during all stages of production and can be justified by the various awards and accreditations that Apollo has achieved, including OHSAS 18001, ISO 14000:9000 and USTER Certification's.

Raw Cotton: 
Raw Cotton is purchased with strict quality control measures. Prior to purchasing, samples of each lot of cotton are tested in the In-House centralized cotton testing labs to ensure required quality parameters. The inspection and testing procedure in lab ensures that incoming raw material is not used o processed until these levels have been inspected or otherwise verified as conforming to client's requirements

Industry View:  
Textile is the most important industry of Pakistan. It accounts for approximately 60 percent of manufacturing employment, over 80 percent of total exports and over 20 percent of value addition production. The textile industry was based upon locally-grown cotton, but now we are importing regularly from U.S.A., Australia and China to meet the buyer requirements.


To meet the requirements of our customers for supplying yarn of acceptable level of contamination, We at Apollo employ extra labour force to take out the contamination from raw cotton.

Further, we have also installed the LOPTEX SORTER with SONIQ and also the VISION SHEILD which is detection and rejection system of Foreign Fiber and Foreign Material. This is the ideal solution to contamination problem in raw materials.

Also, in our Latest Schalafhorst 338 Autoconers / Splicers, we have installed USTER QUANTUM 2 yarn clearers, which also detect contamination and cut the contamination portion of yarn, if any.

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