In the year 2005, Apollo has commissioned an state of art ring spinning unit at Muzzaffargarh near Multan. This unit produces the best yarn in Pakistan for both weaving and knitting. It is equipped with 45,000 spindles, Reiter Blowroom with Vision Shield, Truetzchler Blowroom with Loptex, Schalafhorst 338 with Quantum II Yarn Clearers and Reiter Combers E-65. Apollo had an initial installed capacity of 12,480 spindles. As the mill continuously updated its manufacturing facilities, a major expansion / modernization program took place in 1988 with the commencement of Apollo Mills Unit No.2. The most modern machinery from Japan and Western Europe was added to the spinning facilities in this unit. Apollo has now two units, comprising of 90,600 spindles.

Machinery Specification for Unit 1
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Machinery Specification for Unit 2
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To meet the requirements of our customers for supplying yarn of acceptable level of contamination, We at Apollo employ extra labour force to take out the contamination from raw cotton.

Further, we have also installed the LOPTEX SORTER with SONIQ and also the VISION SHEILD which is detection and rejection system of Foreign Fiber and Foreign Material. This is the ideal solution to contamination problem in raw materials.

Also, in our Latest Schalafhorst 338 Autoconers / Splicers, we have installed USTER QUANTUM 2 yarn clearers, which also detect contamination and cut the contamination portion of yarn, if any.

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